mediated transport

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me·di·at·ed trans·port

(mē'dē-ā-tĕd trans'pōrt)
Movement of a solution across a membrane with the aid of a transport agent (e.g., protein).
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Transport of [[sup.3]H]E3S was measured in the presence of unlabeled E3S (0-1.5 [micro]M) and mediated transport calculated by subtracting the uptake seen after transfection with the empty vector.
Bacillibactin Mediated Transport in Bacillus subtilis
Once a founder population is established within a basin or water body, expansion of the range within the basin or propagation of the invasion front may be the result of larval dispersal from nursery areas via tidal currents, migration of juvenile and adult whelks, or human mediated transport via ballast water, dredge spoils or seed oysters.