median arcuate ligament

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me·di·an ar·cu·ate lig·a·ment

a tendinous connection between the crura of the diaphragm that arches over the aorta, forming the anterosuperior margin of the aortic hiatus.
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This finding was compatible with external compression by median arcuate ligament of diaphragm.
Christopher Skelly, MD, is the Chief of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy at the University of Chicago Medical Center and is a national expert in minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS).
Median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS) is a clinically rare disease resulting from extrinsic compression of the celiac trunk by fibrous attachments of the diaphragmatic crura, median arcuate ligament, which results in various clinical symptoms including postprandial abdominal pain, vomiting, and/or weight loss.
Median arcuate ligament syndrome is a less common cause of chronic mesenteric ischemia that may affect younger patients.
Median Arcuate Ligament syndrome is a rare cause of chronic gastrointestinal ischemia (1).
Complications such as aneurysm (Ailawadi et al., 2004), occlusive disease (Ailawadi et al.), compression by the median arcuate ligament (Lee et al., 2011) and stenosis with lethal consequences (Lovisetto et al., 2012) have only been described in adults.
The pathogenesis behind celiac trunk stenosis maybe intrinsic in nature (e.g., caused by atherosclerosis or dysplasia) or extrinsic (e.g., caused by median arcuate ligament compression, which is seen in 10-24% of patients with celiac stenosis) [4].
Takehara, "Analysis of five cases of splanchnic artery aneurysm associated with coeliac artery stenosis due to compression by the median arcuate ligament," Clinical Radiology, vol.
Median arcuate ligament syndrome: Use of fractional flow reserve in documentation of chronic mesenteric ischemia.
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Background: Median arcuate ligament syndrome is a controversial entity because anomalous insertion of median arcuate ligament can be seen in asymptomatic individuals.
The medial margins of the two crura meet in the midline and form the ill-defined median arcuate ligament and form the boundaries of the aortic hiatus.