medial condyle of tibia

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me·di·al con·dyle of tib·i·a

one of two bony masses at the superior end of the tibia that receives the corresponding condyle of the femur; the medial condyle is the shorter condyle closest to the midline.
Synonym(s): condylus medialis tibiae [TA]
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The knee MR images were examined in terms of the BC volume, joint effusion level, medial plica presence, cartilage degeneration in the medial femoral condyle (MFC), medial tibial condyle (MTC), lateral femoral condyle (LFC), and lateral tibial condyle (LTC), and rupture presence in the medial meniscus anterior horn (MMAH), medial meniscus posterior horn (MMPH), lateral meniscus anterior horn (LMAH), and lateral meniscus posterior horn (LMPB).
(a) Baker's cyst volumes in the effusion, (b) Baker's cyst volumes in plicae, (c) Baker's cyst volumes in gender, (d) Baker's cyst volumes in the medial femoral condyle, (e) Baker's cyst volumes in the medial tibial condyle, (f) Baker's cyst volumes in the lateral tibial condyle
The cranial cruciate ligament runs from the caudal lateral femoral condyle intercondylarly to insertion in the center of the tibial plateau whereas the caudal cruciate ligament originates in the caudal femoral intercondylar groove and inserts on the posterior medial tibial condyle; these restrict extension and flexion, respectively.
The average angle of PTS on the medial tibial condyle in the control group (without ACL rupture) was 4.67[degrees], while on the lateral condyle it was 5.64[degrees] (Table 1).
The average PTS on the medial tibial condyle in females was 5.84[degrees] and 4.78[degrees] on the lateral one.
There is also fracture of medial tibial condyle in postero-lateral aspect which is displaced antero-medially.
The four lines of the rectangle were fitted onto (1) the co-tangent of the posterior contours of the medial and lateral tibial condyles, (2) the medial tangent of the medial tibial condyle, (3) the lateral tangent of the lateral tibial condyle, and (4) the anterior tangent of the medial tibial condyle.
There were no significant differences at any flexion angles between the groups for the tibiofemoral contact point on the medial tibial condyle (Figure 6).
Articular surface hyperintensity of both femoral condyles and the medial tibial condyle with subchondral fracture at the latter is noted.
She felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground, grazing the left knee on the anterior aspect of the medial tibial condyle. Seconds later she felt the knee "clunk" back into joint.
The tibial tubercle serves as an attachment for the patellar tendon and is located at the proximal, anterior aspect of the tibia between the anterior borders of the lateral and medial tibial condyles.
The markers were directly placed over the following anatomical landmarks: bilateral anterior and posterior superior iliac spines; unilateral greater trochanter; lateral and medial femoral epicondyles; lateral and medial tibial condyles; lateral and medial malleoli; calcaneus; and top of the foot at the base of the second metatarsal.

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