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Medial temporal lobe atrophy predicts Alzheimer's disease in patients with minor cognitive impairment.
The research suggests that, compared to a person who sits for 10 hours a day, someone of the same age who typically sits for 15 hours would have a medial temporal lobe that's 10 per cent thinner.
Material-specific lateralization of memory encoding in the medial temporal lobe: blocked versus event-related design.
Arrows in (a) refer to area of acute hemorrhage within the right medial temporal lobe.
Verbal fluency activates the left medial temporal lobe: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
The final three chapters describe newly developed techniques for recording activity in large ensembles of neurons repeatedly over long time periods, mapping neural activity with immediate early genes, and imaging the medial temporal lobe. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Apkarian cautions that other parts of the brain, particularly those in the medial temporal lobe that have known roles in memory, are probably also involved.
Structures in the medial temporal lobe, including areas connected to the hippocampus (memory center), are also affected.
i) Pattern T1 is predominantly subcortical in brainstem (midbrain) with localized involvement of the limbic medial temporal lobe structures (limited to amygdala).

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