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Scapular breadth is the distance between the spine intersecting the medial border of scapula and the middle of outer border of glenoid cavity.
During his one-year follow-up, no disease progression was observed except for a slight atrophy in the medial border of the left forearm, which added to the interosseal and hypothenar muscle wasting.
SICK scapula", an acronym for the condition Scapular malposition, Inferior medial border prominence, Coracoid pain and malposition, and dysKinesis of scapular movement (18), is a condition that has been reported to have rhomboid related scapular winging which suggests DSN involvement.
During reduction mammoplasty, reattaching the skin envelope to the sternum to re-establish the medial border of the breast can be done with several subdermal sutures.
Once the tibial tubercle is reached, the incision can be extended distally along the medial border of the patellar tendon.
Tenderness felt along the medial border of the leg, behind the medial edge of the tibia in the middle and distal thirds of the leg is characteristic for this syndrome, (Pecina and Bojanic 2003, p.
Plain radiographs were obtained in the emergency department confirming the diagnosis of a lateral patellar dislocation with a 9 mm avulsion fracture of anterior medial border of the patella (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
A lesion revealed on X-rays, and computer tomography was diagnosed as an osteochondroma of the medial border of the scapula and the tumor caused the rib cage deformity.
The distal biceps tendon attaches to the medial border of the radial tuberosity running parallel to the brachial artery.
He further claimed that Indian fishermen were invariably crossing the international medial border line in the Gulf of Mannar.
Keeping the reference point of medial border of mandible, a through and through passage created, wide enough to insert endotracheal tube, in floor of the mouth.

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