medial border

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me·di·al bor·der

Synonym(s): margo medialis [TA], medial margin
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In the present study, humeri had most of the nutrient foramina on anteromedial surface {62%} followed by medial border {20%}.
External iliac artery: This goes along the medial border of the psoas muscle to the level of femoral ring, which is below the inguinal ligament.
At the same time, a 3/3 mm pigmented lesion was excised from the medial border of the pectoralis major myocutaneous flap.
(23) was a double -flap exposure with the incision line at the medial border, which could be a source of shoe irritation on the scar, in addition to the wide mobilization of the flap with the potential for skin necrosis.
The lateral border of the umbilical part of the porta hepatis is formed by the medial border of segment III, thus this border has a length of approximately 7 cm, which facilitates this segment to receive its segmental vascular pedicle and two or three variable subsegmental branches.
The neck was then explored, subplatysmal flaps raised, and the medial border of the right sternocleidomastoid identified.
The graft is then brought down along the medial border of the native patellar tendon and passed through the bone tunnel from lateral to medial.
Weakness persisted for another 3 months which necessitate MRI concluding pectoralis major rupture with retraction to the medial border of the deltoid muscle (Figure 3(b)).
During his one-year follow-up, no disease progression was observed except for a slight atrophy in the medial border of the left forearm, which added to the interosseal and hypothenar muscle wasting.
"SICK scapula", an acronym for the condition Scapular malposition, Inferior medial border prominence, Coracoid pain and malposition, and dysKinesis of scapular movement (18), is a condition that has been reported to have rhomboid related scapular winging which suggests DSN involvement.
The medial safe zone is bordered laterally by the sacroiliac joint, and its medial border is delineated by the lumbosacral trunk.
During reduction mammoplasty, reattaching the skin envelope to the sternum to re-establish the medial border of the breast can be done with several subdermal sutures.[sup][2] Reduction mammoplasty provides the surgeon with options to mold all the three dimensions of the breast as required per the individual, and provides a good overview of the presternal area, allowing the surgeon to treat congenital symmastia without leaving visible scars on the sternum.[sup][2]

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