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A gene first identified in Tribolium castaneum, the flour beetle. It is composed of an mRNA toxin and an antidote. A female carrying Medea expresses the toxin in her germline, which, like Medea of Greek mythology, kills her progeny. If the progeny carry Medea, they also carry the antitoxin and survive
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from Greek mythology: Medea killed the children fathered by Jason after he left her for a younger woman.
Medea complex - a mother's compulsion to kill her children as revenge against their father.
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In the case of the Medea, an emblematic dialogue, evidently antilogic, is the one between Medea and Jason from v.
Colour is used intelligently to reflect Medea's state of mind, and lighting operator Tom Roderick's decision to use garish colours was certainly a good one.
In this context of compulsory military service, Athenians' voracious consumption of dramatic performance and the prevalence of combat experience among tragic spectators contributed to the theatrical competence of a significant portion of Medea's initial audience.
A jury made up of 118 education and media experts from 28 countries evaluated the MEDEA entries last month.
Pasolini then directly addresses the issue of modern values at odds with "the sacred" in his third literary adaptation, that of Euripides' Medea (1970).
ARM Medea His administration have been moving quickly after several congressional gunrights supporters said they would consider legislation to control firearms.
Headlong offer a modern-twist of the Greek tragedy with Medea spending her day watching the telly at home and coming up with violent fantasies of the death of her husband Jason and his new arm candy.
In Euripedes' original play Medea, abandoned by her husband Jason for a younger woman, enacts her revenge by poisoning his new bride and murdering her sons.
"Medea," a new play directed by Carole Abboud and performed by Lebanese-German actress Dana Mikhail.
Glimmerglass Opera's production of Cherubini's Medea at the 2011 summer festival was a mixed bag.