mechanical efficiency

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me·chan·i·cal ef·fi·ci·en·cy

(mĕ-kan'i-kăl ē-fish'ĕn-sē)
The ratio of work output to work input, expressed as a percentage.
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In addition to the ratio peak workload/peak V[O.sub.2] as a measure of mechanical efficiency, the linear regression slope values between V[O.sub.2] (dependent variable) and workload (independent variable) from the minute-by-minute exercise data points for each subject were computed, and the mean values were compared between groups with the Student's t-test.
For this reason the troubleshooter may have to rely on pressure differential, motor displacement and mechanical efficiency data to estimate load reaction torque.
Beyond mechanical efficiency of operation, Apelman explains how the current wind turbine design is inefficient at wind collection, as well.
Air-laid fiberglass media gives pocket filters good mechanical efficiency for particle capture, but with a higher resistance to airflow than certain thetic media of the same efficiency.
These cars have been extensively checked for mechanical efficiency and external appearance as well.
By combining the dynamic mechanical analysis and the refrigerant pressure analysis of the expansion chamber with leakage analysis, friction loss of each component of the expander; mechanical efficiency; and volumetric efficiency, which represents expander performance, can be calculated.
Eleven healthy males completed a cycle ergometer step test to exhaustion for the determination of the lactate threshold, gross mechanical efficiency, peak power and V[O.sub.2]max.
The main purpose of this research is to generate optimised feeding, transport, proportioning, measuring and alignment systems for more mechanical efficiency. The computer processes all the information, testes the analysed system and sets the working parameters to obtain an optimised mechanical system.
The EZTorque mechanical brake delivers 80% mechanical efficiency and high torque with low input force, so operators can park their vehicles with less effort, the company said.
Common practice is to consider component efficiencies (engine brake thermal efficiency or brake specific fuel consumption, compressor mechanical efficiency, compressor thermal efficiency or horsepower per million standard cubic feet per day).
This mechanism was first used in a compressor and has shown a superior mechanical efficiency over the rolling piston and scroll compressors (Teh and Ooi 2008a).
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