meconium staining

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meconium staining

The deposition of meconium on skin, placenta, mucosa and other foetal surfaces, which may indicate foetal distress.

Passage of meconium in utero is due to bowel peristalsis and relaxation of the anal sphincter. Diffusion of meconium components into the placenta and cord may lead to vasoconstriction and hypoperfusion; the damage to foetus increases with length of exposure, and places the foetus at risk of meconium aspiration.
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meconium staining

Fetal defecation of meconium while in utero during labor. It may cause staining of the amniotic fluid or of the infant.

Patient care

Meconium must be suctioned from the newborn's mouth and trachea before the first breath in order to prevent aspiration.

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