measures of central tendency

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mea·sures of cen·tral ten·den·cy

(me'zhŭrz sen'trăl ten'den-sē),
General term for several characteristics of the distribution of a set of measurements or values around a value or values at or near the middle of the set; the principal measures of central tendency are mean, median, and mode.
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Measures of central tendency in rehabilitation research: what do they mean?
The first two measures of central tendency, the mean and the median, work well with data that represent some quantity, such as time expended and work units produced.
Word frequency, repetition, and lexicality effects in word recognition tasks: Beyond measures of central tendency.
I think that measures of central tendency need to be personalized to accomplish student buy-in.
For example, measures of central tendency are one of the most important topics: students should be enabled to find the way of determining median value intuitionally, as well as to estimate the reason why it is so different from mean and mode, for example.
In a probabilistic model, computers continually select values from a range of data points for each parameter, running through the calculations thousands of times until measures of central tendency are achieved.
Although measures of central tendency for ESP did not change appreciably, changes were observed in the spatial distribution of ESP (Figure 4).
Researchers describe the data by presenting information about the shape of the distribution and including measures of central tendency and dispersion.
As a class, compare the data by using measures of central tendency.