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a defect or mistake in structure or function.
inborn error of metabolism a genetically determined biochemical disorder in which a specific enzyme defect produces a metabolic block that may have pathologic consequences at birth, as in phenylketonuria, or in later life.
measurement error the difference between what exists in reality and what is measured by a measurement method.
Type I error the rejection of a null hypothesis that is true.
Type II error acceptance of a null hypothesis that is false.
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measurement error

The difference between the true value of something being measured and the value obtained by measurement. Measurement error can be the result of one or more of several different factors, including operational blunders, random error, and systematic error. See: bias; proportional error; random error
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d) the variance of measurement errors changes as the nowcast origin recedes.
Occasionally, a CPA may be called up to explain the originating-and-reversing property of income measurement errors to others, and hence justify the legitimacy of the quantification given in Panel A of Exhibit 2.
The results show that temperature measurement errors of sensors A, B, D2 and C were within acceptable ranges and mostly within the accuracies claimed by the manufacturers.
Models of the periodic and aperiodic errors are established in MATLAB using the above values, and the model parameters are calculated and then sent to the error compensation model to achieve dynamic compensation of measurement errors.
HDM and its modifications all require calculation of the ratio of [[Hb].sub.b] values at various time points compared to an initial [[Hb].sub.b] determination; however, the effect of measurement errors on the accuracy of these volume determinations has never been adequately explored.
It is relatively inexpensive to measure the alcohol content of wine reasonably precisely, although some of the devices used may entail larger measurement errors.
Moreover, these measurement errors are correlated: If potential output is overestimated, then the natural rate is overestimated, and the output gap is underestimated.
Assumptions of statistical distributions of measurement errors may be invalid if the NDE tool has a significant bias error.

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