Mean, James Howard

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James Howard, U.S. endocrinologist, 1885-1967.
Mean sign - lag of the eyeball on upward gaze.
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SLIMS surveys conducted in the Chitral Gol National Park in 2008 (SLT, 2008) showed a mean sign density of 5.86, which is very close to that in our study area.
The regular screenings offered to women who are most at risk of developing the disease mean signs of early cancer development can be picked up before women notice the symptoms.
Based on the number of measurements per leaf, I calculated mean signed and unsigned fluctuating asymmetry and mean total trait length for each leaf.
For validation purpose, the mean signed and unsigned border positioning errors for each border were compared with other algorithms such as graph cut, k-means, and DP and the results are presented in Tables 1 and 2 for each boundary.
Therefore, mean signed positioning errors for localization of BM and choroid are 1.71 and 22.50 [micro]m, respectively.
Sister Charlotte Cassidy, a nun from Northfield, said she was concerned that people being put off going for check-ups by minimum charges of pounds 15.90 could mean signs of mouth cancer going undetected, particularly in pensioners.
The mean signed values are as follows: (a) treatment pretest, between 0 m and -1 m or -2.4 ft, (b) treatment posttest, between 0 m and -1 m or -0.3 ft, (c) control pretest, about 4 m or -13.3 ft, and (d) control posttest, about -3 m or -9.8 ft.
As the last few gifts are counted we will soon know if the appeal has broken its target of 5,000 presents - and contributions from local companies mean signs are good.
A DfT spokesman said: "It is vital that drivers know what the speed limit is, but incorrect to say that this will mean signs every 300 yards.