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Roderick, Scottish physician, 1795-1852. See: Macleod rheumatism.


William Mathieson, British physician, 1911-1977. See: Macleod syndrome, Swyer-James-MacLeod syndrome.

Macleod, John J.

(1876-1935), Scottish physiologist and co-winner, with Sir Frederick G. Banting, of the 1923 Nobel prize for medicine and physiology, for their discovery of insulin. See also Banting, Sir Frederick G.
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McLeod was jailed for three years and nine months and Davenport for three years and six months.
McLeod left behind a trail of chatty letters to his family, displaying the demeanour of a small-town teenager eagerly adapting to a rapidly broadening world.
The court heard McLeod had 12 previous convictions covering 23 offences, but only one for dishonesty from 2003.
Mr McLeod is also an adjunct professor at Murdoch University, chairman of the International Bar Association's Environmental Health and Safety Committee and recipient of the 2016 WA Law Society's Lawyer of the Year.
On a flat course but in windy conditions, Mcleod had two other Holmfirth competitors to check on.
John Relton, for McLeod, quoted a statement from the store owner which read: "I can't understand why someone can be so silly in taking money from a robber that he has helped detain.
Anya Horwood, prosecuting, said Fergie punched one victim in the side of the head with a knuckle duster and McLeod stabbed the schoolboy in the back and another teenager in the leg.
Today, McLeod continues to use the StorTrends arrays to run all of their virtual machines (VMs).
The defending champion tracked every McLeod move and, on entering the final kilometre (5:20), eased ahead for the first time in the race.
Because Mcleod would not help with the baby, she eventually had to get up herself.