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Malcolm, U.S. obstetrician, 1848-1924. See: Tucker-McLean forceps.
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Airport bosses have now refunded PS776 to Mr McLean, 70, due to 'exceptional circumstances.'.
Mr McLean drove to the airport after Accrington taxi firm, Max Cabs, called him to cancel a pre-booked car due to safety concerns caused by the snowy weather.
Mr and Mrs McLean ordered a bathroom suite from their local branch of B&Q in Edinburgh.
Mr McLean explains: "When we flushed, water flooded out, soaking the floor which we had just laid and running through the kitchen ceiling below.
Dr Boyd, who was forced to give up his Inverness manse after the controversy, said he supported the McLeans during their marriage problems.
The McLeans married in 1988 and lived in Inverness before separating in 1999.
DRUG baron Roddy McLean amassed a pounds 10 million fortune by importing drugs into Scotland on a fleet of boats.
They want to get their hands on Roddy McLean's dirty money, estimated at pounds 2million.
Senior police officers say it should have been known the McLeans were up to their necks in drugs.
Roderick McLean, 52, travelled from Scotland to Wales with the cash to buy a former lifeboat.
McLean discovered the effectiveness of porcupine guard hairs while experimenting with porcupine quills, which he was trying for grasshopper legs.