McPhail test

Mc·Phail test

an obsolete test for progesterone and like substances; immature female rabbits are treated with 150 IU of estrone over a period of 6 days; the test material is then given in five daily subcutaneous doses; progestational proliferation of the endometrium is noted and the results estimated according to a scale from 0 to ++++; the amount required to produce an average (++) response is taken as a unit, equivalent to 0.25 mg of progesterone.
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McPhail test

An obsolete biological assay in which immature female rabbits are pretreated with oestrone, followed by subcutaneous injection of a test serum for 5 days to detect progestational response in the endometrium.
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M.K., Canadian physiologist, 1907–.
McPhail test - for progesterone.
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