McMurray, Thomas Porter

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McMurray, Thomas Porter

Brit. orthopedic surgeon, 1887–1949.

McMurray sign

McMurray test.

McMurray test

A test for a torn meniscus of the knee. The examiner flexes the patient's knee completely, rotates the tibia outward, and applies a valgus force against the knee while slowly extending it. A painful click indicates a torn medial meniscus. If a click is felt when the tibia is rotated inward and a varus force is applied against the knee during extension, the lateral meniscus is torn.
Synonym: McMurray sign
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Thomas Porter, English surgeon, 1887-1949.
McMurray knife
McMurray maneuver
McMurray osteotomy
McMurray sign
McMurray test - rotation of the tibia on the femur.
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