McIndoe operation

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Mc·In·doe op·er·a·tion

operation for the development of a neovagina using a split thickness skin graft over a vaginal mold.
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Abbe-Wharton-McIndoe operation

, McIndoe operation (a′bē-whar′tŏn-mak′-in-dō)
A surgical procedure performed to create a vagina in patients who do not have one. This is achieved by creating adequate space between the rectum and bladder; the inlaying of a split-thickness graft; and most importantly, continuous and prolonged dilatation during the healing stage when tissues are most likely to contract.

Patient care

The health care team supports the patient medically and psychologically by helping the patient learn about her condition and the procedure by answering questions, providing comfort, and alleviating anxiety.


(op?e-ra'shon) [L. operatio, a working]
1. The act of operating.
2. A surgical procedure.
3. The effect or method of action of any type of therapy. See: surgery

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Sir Archibald Hector, English surgeon, 1900-1960.
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