McGill Pain Questionnaire

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McGill Pain Questionnaire

A two-part instrument developed at McGill University by Melzack and Torgerson in 1971, which is used to evaluate subjective components of pain.

McGill Pain Questionnaire Parts
• Part 1—One simple question: the patient categorises the pain on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 5 (excruciating pain).
• Part 2—Contains 77 pain descriptors, e.g., cramping, burning, which are grouped into 20 categories; the descriptors in each category are ranked numerically according to pain severity.
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McGill Pain Questionnaire

Neurology A 2-part instrument used to evaluate subjective components of pain
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McGill Pain Questionnaire

[McGill University, Montreal, Canada, where the questionnaire was developed]


An instrument used to quantify the perceived location, type, and magnitude of pain. A typical McGill Pain Questionnaire consists of three parts: location of the source of pain as depicted by marking one or more X's on a diagram; the intensity of pain as indicated by a visual analog scale; and the magnitude of pain by selecting words from a pain rating index.
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McGill University,

university in Montreal, Canada, where questionnaire was developed.
McGill Pain Questionnaire - used to quantify location, type, and magnitude of pain.
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Pain perception was evaluated using the McGill Pain Questionnaire (McGill Pain Index) (MPQ) in the categories sensory (MPQ-S), affective (MPQ-A), miscellaneous (MPQ-M), pain rating index (PRI), and present pain intensity (PPI).

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