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Brian, 20th-century British neurologist. See: McArdle disease, McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease, McArdle syndrome.
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It was as if they had suddenly been stricken blind and deaf, and McArdle afterward said that for a moment he believed himself to have been killed by a stroke of lightning as he crossed the threshold.
Colonel McArdle died in Frankfort on the thirteenth day of December, in the year 1879.
McArdle, who still presided over our news department.
cried McArdle, rubbing his hands and beaming through his glasses.
Man, he'd have made a grand meenister," said McArdle.
It's a fine, steemulating letter," said McArdle thoughtfully, fitting a cigarette into the long glass tube which he used as a holder.
McArdle had just been studying the matter with the aid of our tame scientist at the office, and he picked from his desk two of those many-coloured spectral bands which bear a general resemblance to the hat-ribbons of some young and ambitious cricket club.
But McArdle was his first lieutenant, and it was he that we knew.
Helen McArdle CBe is chair and founder of Helen McArdle Care and was first introduced to the work of the Calvert Trust in 2013.
BUSINESSWOMAN and philanthropist Helen McArdle CBE has become one of the leading funders for The Prince's Trust in the North East after committing PS100,000 to the charity.
Drug addict James Mcardle, 45, pleaded guilty to burglary at Liverpool Magistrates' Court after breaking into the Jacob's factory in Long Lane, Aintree, on Saturday night.
CAERNARFON Town's outstanding talent Lee McArdle has received a timely boost ahead of Sunday's Welsh Cup third round clash against The New Saints.