Luigi, Mexican physician specializing in tropic medicine in mid-20th-century. See: Mazzotti reaction, Mazzotti test.
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Client nonattendance also frequently foreshadows premature termination from mental health care treatment (Feitsma, Popping, & Jansen, 2012; Mazzotti & Barbaranelli, 2012; Renk & Dinger, 2002).
There are slightly differing versions of how the race came about, but it is generally accepted that the Conte Aymo Maggi, who hailed from Brescia, met with his friends, Giovanni Canestrini, Count Franco Mazzotti and Renzo Castagneto to discuss how they could respond to what they saw as the Milanese 'theft' of the Italian Grand Prix.
When the murder weapon is determined to be a gold club given to Ernesto Mazzotti by the dead man when the latter was giving Ernesto golf lessons, he becomes the only suspect, and is promptly arrested.
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