Mayo-Hegar needle holder

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Alfred, German gynecologist, 1830-1914.
Hegar bougie
Hegar dilators - a series of cylindrical bougies of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.
Hegar needle holder
Hegar operation
Hegar sign - softening and compressibility of the lower segment of the uterus in early pregnancy.
Mayo-Hegar needle holder


Charles Horace, U.S. surgeon, 1865-1939.
Mayo bunionectomy - excision of the head of the first metatarsal.
Mayo cannula
Mayo carpal instability classification
Mayo carrier
Mayo clamp
Mayo elbow prosthesis
Mayo forceps
Mayo hemostat
Mayo herniorrhaphy
Mayo hook
Mayo instrument table
Mayo knife
Mayo needle
Mayo needle holder
Mayo nerve block
Mayo probe
Mayo resection arthroplasty
Mayo retractor
Mayo scissors
Mayo scoop
Mayo semiconstrained elbow prosthesis
Mayo stripper
Mayo suture
Mayo total ankle prosthesis
Mayo total elbow arthroplasty
Mayo-Gibbon heart-lung machine
Mayo-Hegar needle holder
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