Alexander A., Russian physician in U.S., 1874-1928. See: Maximow stain for bone marrow.
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Bornstein, "Reconstituted rattail collagen used as substrate for tissue cultures on coverslips in Maximow slides and roller tubes," Laboratory Investigation, vol.
Maximow whose pioneering work is reflected in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation that today saves thousands of lives worldwide [1].
I'm sure improvements in techniques have been made since I did this in the late 1960s, but basically once the mammalian culture medium with an antibiotic was diluted to amphibian tonicity with sterile distilled water, a small piece of lung from an adult or late embryo frog or salamander was placed on a culture coverslip (explant method of obtaining cells--no enzymes needed for cell separation), which was then configured in a hanging drop technique with a larger coverslip covering the relatively large depression in a Romicon or Maximow slide.
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Subs: Flock, Maximow, Trares, Bogdanovic, Brasas, Skripnik.
Offering an update on European market penetration was Alexander Maximow, sales director at McAirlaid's Vliesstoffe GmbH, Steinfurt, Germany, which made its debut early this year.
Among those who have discussed the question extensively are Marchand,(1) Maximow,(2) Rossle (3) and Foot.(4) The differences of opinion concern chiefly the role of the nongranulated leukocytes, the lymphocytes and monocytes in the production of the exudate cells.
Maximow, however, held a different opinion as to the origin of macrophages in inflammation.
Subs not used: Flock, Maximow, Trares, Bogdanovic, Brasas, Skripnik.