maximal oxygen consumption

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max·i·mal ox·y·gen con·sump·tion

(mak'si-măl ok'si-jĕn kŏn-sŭmp'shŭn)
Highest amount of oxygen a person can consume during maximal exercise of several minutes' duration. It is demonstrated by a leveling off or decline in oxygen consumption with increasing intensity.
Synonym(s): aerobic capacity, aerobic power, maximal oxygen uptake, VO2max.
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We draw attention: the concept of EPOC (Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption) states that any effort starts and ends with an oxygen debt (O2D max); it results that, for mobilizing the body to reach maximal oxygen consumption, at least 3 minutes must elapse, depending on the length of the event.
It revealed significant increased effect of interval training programme on maximal oxygen consumption and high-density lipoprotein.
Daniels' inalterable rule is that no interval should exceed five minutes; beyond that, the demands of interval running lead to too much blood lactate, which by instigating fatigue compromises time spent at maximal oxygen consumption.
This study was limited by the fact that maximal oxygen consumption measurements were not taken to assess differences in cardio-respiratory capacity.
This indicates that athletes have genetic limits to maximal oxygen consumption.
It is well established that maximal oxygen consumption (V[O.
After completion of these surveys, each participant performed the graded exercise protocol (Astrand & Rodahl, 1977) to determine maximal oxygen consumption On the following test days, participants exercised at the two different intensities with the order determined by random assignment.
Lin K-H, Lai J-S, Kao M-J, Lien I-N: Anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption during arm cranking exercise in paraplegia.
Release of ACTH and cortisol occurs in response to any stressor--like exercise in excess of 60% of maximal oxygen consumption (Howlett, 1987).
This idea is based on the observation that in vertebrates maximal oxygen consumption during exercise (V[O.
A height-adjusted step test for predicting maximal oxygen consumption in males.

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