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A. M., 20th-century U.S. geneticist. See: Maxim-Gilbert sequencing.
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The reasons on which Montesquieu grounds his maxim are a further demonstration of his meaning.
Maryland has adopted the maxim in the most unqualified terms; declaring that the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of government ought to be forever separate and distinct from each other.
What I have wished to evince is, that the charge brought against the proposed Constitution, of violating the sacred maxim of free government, is warranted neither by the real meaning annexed to that maxim by its author, nor by the sense in which it has hitherto been understood in America.
One of the maxims which the devil, in a late visit upon earth, left to his disciples, is, when once you are got up, to kick the stool from under you.
Besides, the three preceding maxims were founded singly on the design of continuing the work of self- instruction.
Having thus provided myself with these maxims, and having placed them in reserve along with the truths of faith, which have ever occupied the first place in my belief, I came to the conclusion that I might with freedom set about ridding myself of what remained of my opinions.
We may believe that this is the case, but if we do, our belief is based upon analogies and general scientific maxims, not upon any foundation of detailed observation.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 3, 2016-TowerJazz acquires Maxim's fabrication facility in Texas
Allied Glass, a leading glass packaging company specialising in spirit bottles, is taking 2,088 sq ft within Maxim 3 on a five-year lease and will be operational on-site later this year.
Maxim products can currently be found in the leading European supermarket, drug and specialty stores, according to the company, which says it has relationships with such retailers as Aldi, Carrefour, Delhaize, Kruitvat and Monoprix.
Maxim is also hoping to return its Double Maxim beer back to the Stadium of Light via suppliers Molson Coors.