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Max, South African microbiologist in the U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972.
Theiler disease - (1) Synonym(s): mouse encephalomyelitis; - (2) Synonym(s): equine serum hepatitis
Theiler mouse encephalomyelitis virus - a virus in the family Picornaviridae. Synonym(s): Theiler virus
Theiler virus - Synonym(s): Theiler mouse encephalomyelitis virus
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Virologist Max Theiler won a 1951 Nobel Prize for developing a vaccine against which disease?
In fact, four of our science Nobel prize winners - Max Theiler, Alan Cormack, Aaron Klug and Sydney Brenner - followed this path.
El bacteriologo Max Theiler logro poner a punto otras dos vacunas en 1937, que le valieron el premio Nobel de medicina.