Pettenkofer, Max Josef von

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Max Josef von, German chemist, 1818-1901.
Pettenkofer test - for bile acids in urine.
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In 1858, German chemist Max Josef von Pettenkofer defined CO2 parameters for indoor spaces at 1,000 ppm, a value which indoor air quality evaluations have confirmed.
Robert James Graves (1796-1853), the famous Dublin clinician, once remarked, "few and scanty, indeed, are the rays of light which chemistry has flung on the vital mysteries." Pioneers such as Johann Joseph Scherer (1814-1869), who first used the term "clinical chemical laboratory" ("klinisch-chemischen Laboratorium"), and Max Josef von Pettenkofer (1818-1901) both often complained that clinicians do not use their chemistry laboratory services except when needed for "luxurious embellishment for a clinical lecture," as the latter once remarked.