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Max, German physician, 1885–.
Bürger-Grütz disease - obsolete term for idiopathic hyperlipemia.
Bürger-Grütz syndrome - an inherited disorder of lipoprotein metabolism. Synonym(s): type I familial hyperlipoproteinemia
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The rapper says he, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers were acting in self-defence in fighting that broke out near the Max Burger chain on 30 June, after two men allegedly refused to stop following his entourage.
MAN Truck amp; Bus Korea CEO Max Burger Daimler Trucks Korea said it has continued to talk with the drivers to resolve these problems.
During a site visit, Hotelier Qatar spotted hoardings from restaurant brands including Mercato Express, Diwaniyat AlBoukhari, Marble Slab Creamery, Steak n Shake, Joe's Crab Shack, Attila Mongolian Grill, Freej Lawal (from Stick House Group), Max Burger, Farggi Cafe, Bakers Boy Roti Cafe, Fish Gulf, and Doncafe House.
Gustav Bovensiepen is the medical director of the Max Burger Clinic of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Germany.
It has joint ventures with Ushna, The Meat Company, La Gaufrette and Bazerkan, and another recent addition was Max Burger, of Swedish origin.
"The partnership with iMena Holdings will help us expand and grow further, to excel in our mission of offering a great platform for people to discover, buy and share great designs and we are proud to have them as part of our globally and regionally renowned investor group, consisting of individuals such as Dr Klaus Hommels (recently voted into the Forbes 100 of venture investors), and Max Burger (former chairman of Apax Partners)," he added.
Summary: As Sweden's Max Burger opens in Dubai, CEO Max Bergfors tells rti Nagraj why he is confident of success and why people here will munch on his burgers.
It also operates a number of internationally franchised restaurants in the Middle East including Max's Resttaurant, Max Burger and its own brand Zafran.
The Landmark Group will be expanding its offering with popular brands that include Iconic, Max, Koton, Nose, Steve Madden, Carpisa, Stride Rite, Emax and Max Burger.
DDB has won the advertising brief for Landmark's Max Burger following a three-way pitch.
When I visited Sweden Several years ago I stopped at a Max Burger, the Swedish McDonald's.
Details of the hotel and restaurant operators will be revealed in due course, but confirmed F&B brands include Max Burger and Buono Chocolates.