Mauthner, Ludwig

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Ludwig, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1840-1894.
Mauthner cell - a large neuron of the spinal cord with its cell body located in the metencephalon of fish and amphibia.
Mauthner fiber - an axon.
Mauthner sheath - the plasma membrane of the axon. Synonym(s): axolemma
Mauthner test - an obsolete test for color perception.
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The Mauthner cell and other identified neurons of the brainstem escape network of fish.
The Mauthner cell half a century later: a neurobiological model for decision-making?
Abbreviations Used in the Figures B1-B6: Muller cells of the bulbar region (middle rhombencephalic reticular nucleus) Cc: Cytochrome c EtOh: Ethanol I1-I6: Muller cells of the isthmic region M1-M4: Muller cells 1 to 4 Mth: Mauthner cell Mth': Auxiliary Mauthner cell SCI: Spinal cord injury.
I1, I3, and I4: Muller cells of the isthmic region; Mth: Mauthner cell; Mth': auxiliary Mauthner cell.
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The most robust regeneration is consistently observed in mesencephalic cell Ml, isthmic cell 12, and the auxiliary Mauthner; whereas the least regeneration is observed in isthmic cell II, bulbar cells Bl and B3, and the Mauthner cell (Fig, 3E) (Yin and Selzer, 1983; Davis and McClellan, 1994a, b; Jacobs et al., 1997; Shifman et al., 2008).
One explanation for the similarities in the startle response among taxa is that the Mauthner cell and its homologs are present in the larval lumpfish but have not yet been identified.
For instance, consider the phase polarity from the perspective of the left Mauthner cell. Left-to-right acceleration will be registered as a positive phase relative to this cell.
We could see many of the individually identifiable neurons of zebrafish (Bernhardt et al., 1990), including the three primary motoneurons (rostral, middle, and caudal - RoP, MiP, and CaP, respectively) located in spinal segments, and the Mauthner cell and its two serially homologous neurons (MiD2cm, MiD3cm) located in the hindbrain.
Their topics include applying immunofluorescence to analyze connexin distribution and trafficking, the patch clamp analysis of gap junction channel properties, recording gap junction-mediated synaptic transmission in vivo at mixed synapses on the goldfish Mauthner cells, assessing connexin hemichannel function during ischemic injury and reperfusion, the functional characterization of connexin hemichannels using Xenopus oocytes and the two-electrode voltage clamp technique, and methods to examine the role of gap junction and pannexin channels in HIV infection.
Effects of the pesticide dektanethrine on the Mauthner cells of Lake Balaton fish.
In contrast, fast escape starts in fish are variable across taxa, but there are no documented losses of the primary giant neurons associated with them, the Mauthner cells (Hale et al., 2002).