Ludwig, ophthalmologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1840-1894. See: Mauthner sheath.
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The heirs of Margarete Mauthner, who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s, say they have the right to reclaim the painting from the walls of her Beverly Hills mansion.
To add a moral dimension is to incorporate an understanding of the critical role of social networks, how fathers and mothers feel they should act, and how they think others within their community networks will view these actions (Mauthner, 2002; McMahon, 1995).
To Mauthner, to Bradley, to Royce, well, to Bertrand Russell, and I'd go on, but I think that those names are sufficient.
In addition, the researcher's epistemological and ontological position and theoretical perspective is entwined with this personal history (Mauthner & Doucet, 2003).
Resulting from the inherent power differential between the adult and the child participant, specific challenges of gaining access, consent, and addressing the researcher's role are present within the research process (Mauthner, 1997).
One can trace Beckett's reading under his own headings: History of Western Philosophy; Augustine of Hippo and Porphyry on Plotinus; Germany, Europe, and the French Revolution; Rabelais; English Literature; German Literature; Irish History; University Wits; Frederic Mistral and the Felibridge Poets; Fritz Mauthner; Latin excerpts from Arnoldus Geulincx and R.
The ESRC policy was greeted with mixed reactions by qualitative social scientists in the UK, and some publicly voiced their ambivalence by pointing to both its potential benefits and drawbacks (Alderson, 1998; Griffin, 1998; Hammersley, 1997; Mauthner et al., 1998; Parry and Mauthner, 2004, 2005).
The Friends also bestowed the award for the best 2006 article in Rocks and Minerals on Mark Mauthner and Carl Francis, and the award for the best 2006 ExtraLapis English article on Ross C.
In contrast, fast escape starts in fish are variable across taxa, but there are no documented losses of the primary giant neurons associated with them, the Mauthner cells (Hale et al., 2002).