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Pierre, 20th-century French physician. See: Mauriac syndrome.
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Nimier highlights politically discredited writers like Morand, Montherlant, Chardonne, or Jouhandeau, thus enhancing a tendency started by Mauriac.
Mauriac leveled several charges against these Catholics (whom he observed in his youth) who tended to reduce Christianity to two things: strict observation of rules--of external obligations--and an obsession with the sins of the flesh.
In his Bloc-notes Mauriac frequently returns to a consideration of the Dreyfus Affair as a turning point after which (because the dishonesty, the injustice, the hypocrisy and the blatant anti-Semitism of the affair could not be hidden) the heroic epic saga of French history had to be approached with caution and discernment.
Understandably, the union was not a happy one and had ended with the death of the husband, Jean-Paul Mauriac, at age thirty-eight.
Mauriac has decided not to take action against any other players, although there were a succession of incidents that must have warranted close scrutiny.
French citing commissioner Paul Mauriac has decided that only Greeff has a case to answer after a match which left the England management fuming over Springbok rough-house tactics.
Francois Mauriac was no exception in addressing all these issues.
This procedure is to scan in color exceptional print material type monographs, periodicals, collections from the original collections of the reserve of rare books (Site Francois Mauriac, quai Francois Mauriac in Paris 13eme.
Address : quai Francois Mauriac, a l~attention de President, F-75706 Paris Cedex 13.
Premier roman de Kamel Daoud, [beaucoup moins que] Meursault, contre enquete [beaucoup plus grand que] a remporte, recemment, le Prix Francois Mauriac de l'Academie francaise et le Prix des cinq continents, decerne par l'Organisation internationale de la francophonie.
The podium is accessible from the Quai Francois Mauriac by an imposing tier of dark timber-clad steps that run the length of the building, defining and confronting the street edge.