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Pierre, 20th-century French physician. See: Mauriac syndrome.
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Creo que las palabras "penetrante ternura" es justa para definir no solo los Bloc-notes, sino la obra entera de Mauriac.
In order to understand how Mauriac frames the problem of Nazism, it is first necessary to examine the driving force of his thought, which is of course his Christianity.
Some variants of Mauriac Syndrome can present with obesity and in these children, weight age, Waist Height Ratio and Waist Hip Ratio might be elevated; but usually all these parameters are low in a typical case of Mauriac Syndrome.
In June 1954, before Laurent has not signed a single article under his own name on the front page, Nimier imitates Bemanos's style to evoke a dinner organized in honor of Mauriac, who had published his novel L'agneau shortly before.
A finales de 1944, Mauriac y Camus discutieron publica, y a veces duramente, sobre la conducta de las purgas.
Fowler's "Overview of Evolution" may seem at first even less related to politics than a treatment of Maritain and Mauriac, but in view of the recent politicization of the teaching of science in public-schools and the claims advanced for scientific expertise in public policy decisions, the evolution debate (among other scientific issues) has become "political" in the most practical--not to say, the crudest--sense of the term.
He was also the youngest son of Francois Mauriac, a writer de Gaulle held in such esteem that he was moved to quote him in one of his famous radio addresses from London.
However, independent citing commissioner Paul Mauriac, of France, has now lodged a complaint against O'Connell, whose case will be dealt with at a disciplinary hearing tomorrow.
Abel Sanchez, escrita en un tiempo aproximado de un ano, pero sin ser por su celeridad un trabajo menor en la produccion de Unamuno, se publico en 1917, en tanto que Francois Mauriac ofrecio a los lectores su Nudo de viboras en 1932.
The citing commissioner has become king and the second pertinent factor about Krige is that the French official in charge of discipline at Twickenham, Paul Mauriac, did not call the South Africa flanker to account.
Francois Mauriac et Jean Paulhan: Correspondance 1925-1967.