Roberts, Maureen

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Maureen, Canadian physician.
Norman-Roberts syndrome - Synonym(s): Miller-Dieker syndrome
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Birmingham Pub bombing victims (top row, left to right) Michael Beasley, 30, Stan Bodman, 47, James Craig, 34, Paul Davies, 17, Trevor Thrupp, 33, Desmond Reilly, 20 and James Caddick, 40, (second row, left to right) Maxine Hambleton, 18, Jane Davis, 17, Maureen Roberts, 20, Lynn Bennett, 18, Anne Hayes, 18, Marilyn Nash, 22 and Pamela Palmer, 19, (bottom row, left to right) Thomas Chaytor, 28, Eugene Reilly, 23, Stephen Whalley, 21, John Rowlands, 46, John 'Cliff' Jones, 51, Charles Gray, 44, and Neil Marsh, 16 (no picture available).
Mary Vernon, who runs the club with fellow local resident Maureen Roberts, said: "For some members it is the only time they go out."
Maureen Roberts was lauded by the TES at London's Hilton Hotel for her contribution to education in Wales
Charron; three daughters and two son-in-laws: Beth and Tom Dustin, Maureen Roberts, and Melannie and Michael Waugh.
Maureen Roberts said her husband spent hours talking to the doll.
THIS photo of Mia Dockerty aged three from Woolton, was taken by her nan Maureen Roberts on a family break in the Lake District.
But if Maureen Roberts had her way Charlie Boy would be used for firewood.
FUMING Maureen Roberts is so sick of her husband's passion for a ventriloquist's dummy, she's warned him: "Either it goes or I do."
In the case of Maureen Roberts, aged 20, the injuries were so severe that "if she had sustained those and you were already in an intensive care unit, you would not survive", said Dr Cary.
While Maureen Roberts added: "Getting on Parr with Westminster MPs.
Mary Vernon, 73, who runs the club with Maureen Roberts, said she had been a club member for about 15 years.
This atmospheric image was snapped by Maureen Roberts of Southsea, Wrexham