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Abbreviation for:
Dementia Rating Scale, see there
Delirium Rating Scale
Dental Reference Service 
Diabetic Retinopathy Study
disease-related survival
DNA repair synthesis
Dyskinesia Rating Scale


Abbreviation for designated record set.

Patient discussion about DRS

Q. daughter has rash all over body drs dont know what it is. had it since july help me if you know what it might this rash is red looks like she has been scalded. been to 7 drs. itches cant scratch, it is now affecting her thinking. its not shingles. last dr said it was a fungus but meds doesnt help

A. maybe she is allergic to something? is it changing? getting worse/ better? is it painful? itchy? someone else near the baby had it? what kind of fungal meds did they prescribe?

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