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Their society was believed to have been characterized by female rule, matrilineality, and matrilocality.
Equally undeniable is that aspects of matrilineality are still important, and that there is considerable continuity in the content of the dialogues surrounding matrilineality.
2007, Matrilineality and its implications for traditional and contemporary Papua New Guinea Cultures, Catalyst, 37(1), 3-24.
Other forms of tracing descent such as matrilineality, ambilineality (xxxix) or bilineality do not stress the father and son relationship at the expense of all others, nor would they create a strong need to mute women's role in the rituals proclaiming connection.
Thus, in the late twentieth century one could write: "In Cherokee culture a boy has love-hate feelings toward his mother's brother because in a matrilineal kinship system this particular uncle is the family disciplinarian." In fact, matrilineality is only a memory for late twentieth-century Southeastern Indians, if it is remembered at all.
Although they display variation, women's and captives' status within Indian societies of the borderlands (Navajo, Apache, Ute, and Comanche) may be generally described as subordinate to men and holders of the "cultural franchise" but enhanced by traditions of matrilineality and social mobility.(28)
Matrilineality and the Melanesian origin of Polynesian Y chromosomes.
Matrilineality does not necessarily dictate longhouse-style living.
Elsewhere, for example in some islands of the Massim (Milne Bay Province) in PNG, matrilineality prevailed and the idioms of connection were strongly maternal (Macintyre 1987:209-10).