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Mondial Assessment of Thromboembolism treatment Initiated by Synthetic pentasaccharide with Symptomatic Endpoints—Pulmonary Embolism. A clinical trial comparing the efficacy and safety of the antithrombotic agent fondaparinux to unfractionated heparin in the initial treatment of symptomatic pulmonary embolism
Conclusion Recurrent fatal or nonfatal pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis in 3.8% of fondaparinux patients and in 5.0% of unfractionated heparin patients. Major bleeding occurred in 2.0% of fondaparinux patients vs. 2.4% of unfractionated heparin patients, but 5.2% mortality in fondaparinux group vs. 4.4% in unfractionated heparin group
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isur nd dhanvan prati dhiyate matir vatso na matur upa sarjy udhani
Bledin syn, sukin syn, butzfui matir [son of a whore, son of a bitch, fuck your mother] and other vile words were the choice terms which they vehemently belabored each other.
This came during a meeting gathered Secretary-General of the Local Council in Lahj province Ali Matir and Khan, who discussed a number of issues related to the conditions of refugees in the camp, especially in health, educational and security areas.
The corresponding Sanskrit text in PVBH(s), 648, verse 617, has: he vadino na khalu samtatapaksapatadvesam manah svaparapaksakrtandhakaram / tattvaprabodhanavidhayi manasvivrttam madhyasthabhava iti tatra matir vidheya //.