Jaboulay, Mathieu

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Jaboulay, Mathieu

Fr. surgeon, 1860–1913.

Jaboulay amputation

Amputation of the thigh and removal of the hip bone.

Jaboulay button

Two cylinders that may be screwed together for a lateral intestinal anastomosis without the use of sutures.

Jaboulay pyloroplasty

A pyloroplasty in which the pyloric antrum and proximal duodenum are opened separately and then joined side-to-side by overlapping them. This procedure is typically used to relieve gastric outlet obstruction.


Mathieu, French surgeon, 1860-1913.
Jaboulay amputation - amputation of an entire leg together with the os coxae. Synonym(s): hemipelvectomy
Jaboulay button
Jaboulay method - anastomosis of arteries by splitting the cut ends a short distance, suturing the flaps together, and applying intima to intima. Synonym(s): broad marginal confrontation method
Jaboulay pyloroplasty - a side-to-side gastroduodenostomy.
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This fact opened the door for surgeons as Mathieu Jaboulay and Alexis Carrel to find ways to replace sick tissues for healthy ones (13), so they could understand and treat many diseases that were incomprehensible and incurable at the time.