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math·e·mat·i·cal mod·el

representation of a system, process, or relationship in mathematical form, using equations to simulate the behavior of the system or process under study.
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mathematical model

A formal framework for conveying ideas about the components of a host-parasite interaction. Construction of an MM requires three major components: a clear understanding of the interaction between the pathogen and the host; information about the mode and rate of transmission between individuals; and host population characteristics, such as demographics and behaviour. MMs can be used to analyse the system’s behaviour under various conditions, and identify the dominant factors generating observed patterns and phenomena. MMs also aid data collection and interpretation and parameter estimation; they provide tools for identifying approaches to control, and for assessing the potential impact of different intervention measures.

A collection of mathematical formulas used to characterise a relationship or process, e.g., in environmental dose reconstruction projects to simulate travel of radionuclides released from weapons facilities through the environment and taken up by the body, which can be used to estimate the health risks caused by said exposures.
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Mathematical models can be represented using language (written and spoken), symbols, visual images/graphics (both computer- and paper-based), or experience- based metaphors.
The effort in this work was devoted to the dynamic behaviour comparison of three different mathematical models. As could be found, everything starts with a CAD model.
some mathematical models have a shorter life is somehow sad, but
As I will show in this paper, the mathematical models and the act of mathematical modeling in gambling hold a potential for providing at least a partial answer to this question through further research.
If we create DF based on the superposition of EDF using the frequency sampling method, we need to distribute the obtained mathematical models to the array of EDF.
They point out earlier mathematical models did not account for bilingualism, which allows two languages to co-evolve.
Designing the electric drives with the linear electromagnetic motors (LEM), it is necessary to have a mathematical model of the motor which allows calculating of the static and dynamic operating modes of the drive.
And that would be just fine (if a bit intimidating) if the mathematical models accurately described the world.
They have constructed mathematical models of animal swarms and colonies that take inspiration from decades of physics research.
Based on mathematical models to assess variables including body mass index, race pace, weather conditions, and sweat rates, the risks of both dehydration and EAH can be reduced.
Because public health officials increasingly rely on mathematical models to help them prevent and control diseases, this book is a very timely addition to the literature.

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