mathematical model

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math·e·mat·i·cal mod·el

representation of a system, process, or relationship in mathematical form, using equations to simulate the behavior of the system or process under study.
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mathematical model

A formal framework for conveying ideas about the components of a host-parasite interaction. Construction of an MM requires three major components: a clear understanding of the interaction between the pathogen and the host; information about the mode and rate of transmission between individuals; and host population characteristics, such as demographics and behaviour. MMs can be used to analyse the system’s behaviour under various conditions, and identify the dominant factors generating observed patterns and phenomena. MMs also aid data collection and interpretation and parameter estimation; they provide tools for identifying approaches to control, and for assessing the potential impact of different intervention measures.

A collection of mathematical formulas used to characterise a relationship or process, e.g., in environmental dose reconstruction projects to simulate travel of radionuclides released from weapons facilities through the environment and taken up by the body, which can be used to estimate the health risks caused by said exposures.
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the third symposium on Mathematical Modelling would be a platform to
Hypotheses 1, 2 and 3 are a mathematical modelling of the intuitive
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These cognitive activities are all part of the process of mathematical modelling. The achievement standards and descriptors make clear the expectations of learners.
Methods of mathematical modelling were used for the optimizing of cable line design and medium voltage system for running and fault states too.
Case studies drive home, the way that mathematical modelling cannot, the complex interplay between personality and institutional culture that shapes politics and drives human events.
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The study demonstrates the added value of using a combination of mathematical modelling and experimental research, as well the potential of using cell transplantation for the treatment of non-unions.
Mathematical modelling approaches for optimization of chemical processes.
Mathematical modelling and applications are currently on the educational agenda, both nationally at the AAMT Biennial Conference held in Fremantle, and internationally at conferences such as the annual Mathematics Teachers Conference, MTC2009, in Singapore in June and the 14th Biennial International Conference of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications, ICTMAl4, held in Hamburg, Germany, in July.
Mathematical modelling allows researchers to look at the complex case more thoroughly.

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