mirror syndrome

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mirror syndrome

A rare condition characterised by foetal and placental hydrops and maternal pre-eclampsia.

Obstetrical problems including Rh incompatibility, metabolic disease, foetal infection and foetal malformations; possibly linked to high-output cardiac failure in the mother; possibly due to the release of hormones or vasoactive substances by the placenta.
Clinical findings
• Maternal—Oedema, albuminuria, pre-eclampsia; lab findings may include anaemia, increased uric acid.
• Foetal—Ascites, hydrops, occasionally twin-twin transfusion.

A rare form of anterograde amnesia, described in 2007 by Giovannini Conchiglia in which patients mimic those around them. It is linked to damage to the fronto-temporal cortex.
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The team consider all manner of suggestions until House comes to the conclusion that it is maternal mirror syndrome, a condition in which a perfectly healthy mother adopts the symptoms of her unborn child.
Triggered by compression of the great vessels and cardiac compression from large tumors, it is a strong predictor of fetal death and may lead to "maternal mirror syndrome," a potentially devastating complication in which the mother develops the same symptoms as her critically ill fetus.

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