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A durable plasticised identification band placed around a patient’s wrist at the time of admission to a hospital, which contains basic information about the patient (name, hospital identification number, room number, caring physician, etc.).
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An identifying bracelet attached to a Pt's wrist at the time of admission to a health care facility, which may be the only identifier used during a person's stay in a hospital
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A unique patient identification device secured around a patient's limb.


To avoid patient misidentification, it should include the patient's last and first name; date of birth; hospital assignment; attending physician; allergies; primary language; and, depending on the circumstances, other unique identifiers, e.g., last four digits of Social Security number, or time of birth (for newborns). Wristbands should be comfortable, tamperproof, waterproof, and difficult to alter.
A device secured around a patient's limb and used to identify specific patient needs, such as the patient's allergies, risk of falling, or code status.
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