Master test

Mas·ter test

an early and long-used exercise challenge to identify ischemic heart disease using a pair of 9-inch steps with a platform on top, the number of trips by the patient arbitrarily chosen and related to age and body weight.
See also: two-step exercise test.
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Arthur Matthew, U.S. physician, 1895-1973.
Master test - requires the subject to ascend and descend two nine-inch steps repeatedly, the number of trips determined from age- and sex-specific tables. Synonym(s): Master two-step exercise test
Master two-step exercise test - Synonym(s): Master test
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Once a master test form is defined, marked form results can be evaluated to provide detailed statistics for an individual or group of forms or compared against an answer key to calculate grades.
A physical therapist (SB) evaluated the patients' postural sway using the Balance Master test device.
Table 2 lists parameters of friction performance evaluation including the average friction coefficient dimensionless values (ranging between 0 and 1) in the individual sections of the AK Master test. The average and minimum values of the entire AK Master test are also presented.
In addition, OmniFi v6's improved architecture enables test cases and results to be stored in a centralised database, enabling collaboration and extensive test management capabilities, including integrated Master Test PlanTM and status reporting on test progress.
I had an infection in the dominant eye when I went for the Shodan test in Soke Jeff Hall's martial art of shooting, Hojutsu, which is very similar to Chuck Taylor's famously difficult Pistol Master test. On the first run, I realized I couldn't see the regular sights on the Glock 17 I was using, so I switched to a stock G17 with Advantage Tactical sights I was testing.
The Master test data would later be confirmed with performance tests of actual production pumps to confirm design and establish a new baseline for each redesigned model.
The Air Force has agreed in principle on the near-term way ahead, but will fully review the revised integrated master test schedule once it is submitted in February.
Table 1 Results of Performance Investigation Model (1) Speed Master Test Theoretically Test vs.
The test process is fully automated, with electronic valve actuators enabling the whole rig to be controlled via a single push button at the master test desk.
(1) A project of vehicle-enjoyment website that involves a team of test drivers (led by TMC's master test driver Hiromu Naruse), who participate in races, develop automobiles and support motor-sports activities.