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master file,

n a file of semipermanent information that is usually updated periodically.
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0 which reduces complexity and enables customers to build custom applications and user interfaces for the management of master data.
Utopia is a global software, consulting and services company specializing in enterprise data solutions that enable management and governance of critical master data for an enterprise.
A platform to manage, cleanse, and enrich the structured and unstructured master data
8220;Procurement Analytics are based on master data that is reliable, accurate, and has other quality attributes, yet many organizations struggle to achieve this goal.
With Software AGEoACAOs ARIS Business Process Analysis platform, MDM will enable customers to identify and define key process master data requirements during the process modeling phase, while its webMethods Business Process Management and SOA product suite will enable customers to integrate master data management into process execution and integration.
In addition to corporate and contact information, each supplier also has master data on the products that it sells.
To avoid a customer data integration/ master data management effort being viewed in the same light as a massive enterprise resource planning project, there are end objectives that can be undertaken to provide readily achievable yet significant benefits such as cost reduction, cost containment, more efficient/effective customer cross-selling, increased sales effectiveness and enhanced distribution relationships.
Some organisations will get more value from mastering some kinds of master data, and others will benefit from mastering others.
To maximize revenue per customer and customer service levels, this European mobile phone operator uses Composite to federate data from their customer master data hub with service history data from their CRM system, billing data from their financial systems, and call and configuration data from their operational support systems to deliver a 360[degrees] view of customers to their client service reps.
Following are some key actions to ensure that your master data is accurate:
Established in 1972, Master Data Center provides intellectual property management services for the legal community.