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A genetically-engineered dwarf mouse, which died at 4 years and 13 days, making him 136 in human years
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This year's Hot Air Balloon Fiesta also has more, and even more, of the same--26 hot air balloons from all over the world, (11 new special-shaped ones like Matryoshka Russian Doll, Queen's Guard, Giant Strawberry, Captain Jack, Vostok Balloon, Master Yoda, Morris the Donkey, etc.
Most people came for the event's annual spectacle of hot air balloons featuring movie characters Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean and Master Yoda of Star Wars.
Dubbed 'A Weekend of Everything that Flies,' this year's festivities will showcase 26 colorful hot- air balloons from all over the world featuring a big number of new special-shaped balloons: Happy Heart, Matryoshka Russian Doll, Queen's Guard, Giant Strawberry, Buddy Balloon, Captain Jack, Princess Nellie, Vostok Balloon, Master Yoda, Morris the Donkey, Bruno the Clown and Pepe the Hedgehog.
I saw him as the businessmen's version of Jedi Master Yoda small in body build, but wise and powerful, a towering figure needed by businessmen, some of whom are just crooks in sleek suits and Hermes ties.
STICKY BBC3 From Mon 10am Imagine a world without the internet - there'd be no videos of pug dogs dressed up as Master Yoda, getting a date would be almost impossible and BBC3 wouldn't even exist.
The "Star Wars" saga has had a very important impact on popular culture, and to this day we all remember Darth Vader as the iconic villain and Master Yoda as the small but wise elf-like character who trained Jedi for eight centuries.
The Rebel Alliance has been driven from their former base and Darth Vader is in pursuit of them as part of his plan to capture Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), who is taking advanced Jedi training with master Yoda.
Revealed today were the first wax figure, Jedi Master Yoda, and the first of 11 immersive, walk-in scenes - an atmospheric recreation of the swamp.
He picked out the The Palitoy Star >3/4" Figure Collection Vectis Auctions He picked out the likes of Boba, fellow villain Darth Vader and Jedi master Yoda for the sky-high sums they are expected to make, explaining: "I'm looking to buy a house.
Star Wars Costume Set has been included on the October patch with outfits based from Prince Lea, Luke Skywalker X-wing, Master Yoda and Darth Vader.
It is rumoured that ancient Grand Jedi Master Yoda – and his mangled speech – might return in the film.
45pm Former intergalactic farmboy Luke Skywalker is forced to take time off from rebelling against the Empire so he can seek Jedi master Yoda, who picks up his training where Obi-Wan left off.