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systematic therapeutic stroking or kneading of the body.
cardiac massage intermittent compression of the heart by pressure applied either over the sternum (closed cardiac massage) or directly to the heart through an opening in the chest wall (open cardiac massage).
simple massage in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues with varying degrees of hand pressure to decrease pain, produce relaxation, and/or improve circulation.
vibratory massage massage by rapidly repeated light percussion with a vibrating hammer or sound.
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A method of manipulation of the body or part of the body by rubbing, pinching, kneading, or tapping.
Synonym(s): tripsis (2)
[Fr. from G. massō, to knead]
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(mə-säzh′, -säj′)
1. The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body especially to aid circulation, relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation.
2. An act or instance of such rubbing or kneading.
tr.v. mas·saged, mas·saging, mas·sages
1. To give a massage to.
2. To treat by means of a massage.

mas·sag′er n.
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A method of manipulation of the body by rubbing, pinching, kneading, or tapping.
[Fr. from G. massō, to knead]
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Stimulation of skin and muscle by rubbing, kneading, stroking, pummelling or hand-hammering with therapeutic intent. Massage has little physical effect but the psychological and symbolic effect of human touch can be deeply soothing and can relieve symptoms, especially those of undue muscle tension.
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Patient discussion about massage

Q. Does massage help............ Does massage help people with chronic pain, too?

A. There are many pains and they need different cures. Acupressure (and acupuncture), massage, music therapy, aroma therapy, and so on. This is not black magic, you can try it and maybe one of these cures help you. Acupressure help me always to disappear my headache. There are invisible lines and points on our body and if you massage them then the sensation will change (that is the pain will vanish).

Q. Can massage really help her? My cousin sister who is with fibromyalgia also feels some pain. Can massage really help her?

A. Not only the person with fibromyalgia but anyone can benefit from the massage. If you're a newbie and have not had much bodywork, start slowly. Having someone stroke your "sore" spots may feel a bit "ouchy," but that type of touch therapy may be quite beneficial in the long run. Have your therapist go as slowly as you need. You can build up to deeper applications by spreading out your experience over many appointments. Special note: Whether you're the patient or the caregiver of a chronically ill person, life's stress can increase to unbearable limits and can cause great mind/body/spirit imbalances. By relaxing your mind and body, massage helps to raise your health and vitality closer to a state of wellness. Perhaps, you will feel better than you could possibly imagine. Start gradually, book weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. Consider keeping a record of your progress. Few doctors would advise you not to try massage therapy, but to be safe, it's a good idea

Q. I like to know the types of massages.. I like to know the types of massages for the people who suffer from fibromyalgia or with chronic illness.

A. Types of Massage, especially for people with Fibromyalgia and/or those who suffer with chronic illness: ‘Myofascial release’: Many times "regular" massage therapists can perform elementary myofascial release holds and moves, but the more specifically trained professionals in myofascial release therapy have received extended education and use stylized techniques and tools. They apply the type, degree and specific techniques that are best suited for each person's need. Myofascial Release therapy can be effective particularly for individuals with trigger or tender points and for those whose muscles tend to be knotty. ‘Swedish massage ‘: Any massage therapist should be able to do this kind of work. This technique is gentle, but done with enough applied pressure to comfortably work on sore spots.

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"Like Tiosan, who has employed around 700 visually-impaired in his many branches all over Luzon and Visayas as massage therapists, our group would also want to continue giving livelihood opportunities to our fellow PWDs," Lagan said in an interview at the gazebo during their massage group's 5th anniversary Wednesday.
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She has between five and ten licensed massage therapists on her team at any given timesome just work special events while others work about twenty-five hours a week.
It is even more crucial to check if the massage therapist is qualified because an unqualified masseuse could aggravating an underlying problem, Dr Touma said.
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Franchisees of Massage Envy are required to conduct criminal background and reference checks before hiring anyone, and newly hired massage therapists must complete a training program to familiarize themselves with company policies.
Tyan Anmo school is continuing education provider for massage therapists that teaches students the basics of biofeedback and the rules of using skills to achieve maximum results in therapy.
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Massage therapist, researcher, and educator Walton (Cortiva Institute, Cambridge, MA) presents a text for massage students, therapists, and teachers, which prepares massage therapists for the range of real and hypothetical clients and for multiple disease presentations.
New York, July 22 (ANI): Former US Vice President Al Gore has landed in further trouble - after two more female massage therapists came forward to claim that he had abused them.
By the 1880s, massage was undergoing a revival in Britain; Swedish massage became an important feature of nursing work and a 'diverse array of variously trained massage therapists were practising throughout the country' (Nicholls and Cheek 2006, p.2340).