mass spectrum

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mass spec·trum

(mas spek'trŭm)
A distribution of charged particles arranged in the order of mass.
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influenzae have different MALDI-TOF mass spectra that correlate with genetic lineages representing different capsule types.
ESI(-)FT-ICR mass spectra, in the region m/z 300-420, of the three parts of the seed: a) whole seed, b) seed shell, and c) internal part.
There is, as yet, no consensus on the best methods to analyze mass spectra from serum proteomic profiling experiments.
Some software systems give you the best 20 matches to the sample's mass spectra, which still may not help to differentiate drugs with similar mass spectra, such as those found in the barbiturate and phenethylamine drug classes.
A selection of MALDI-TOF mass spectra of isolated fractions containing separated minor Hbs is shown in Fig.
* The Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data contains nearly 400,000 mass spectra with over 183,000 chemical structures sourced from leading laboratories throughout the world.
The unit features a mass detector whose user-oriented format provides library-searchable mass spectra.
After magnetic bead separation, no interfering signals with 5/N ratios >3 were obtained in the MALDI-TOF mass spectra in the mass range 1000-10 000 Da (data not shown).
The new mass spectra and the methods used to obtain them also may serve as a useful resource for investigation of other inherited metabolic disorders.
Deconvolution resolves the mixed mass spectra of coelutions into individual mass spectra for each analyte, including the accurate distribution of signal from masses shared by several components in the coelution.