Mass Murder

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The systematic killing of a population, either entirely or the majority thereof. A mass murder may be perpetrated with the tacit or active support of a community or a group in the society in which it occurred, and usually is a single event. History’s largest mass murders have been attempts to exterminate an ethnic and other group—i.e., genocide
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It is hard to understand how any right-thinking person could fail to call slaughtering unthreatened Japanese mass murder.
Moreover, if the number of murders committed annually did justify distrust in ordinary people, what light does the phenomenon of governmental mass murder shed on the blind anti-gun faith in government?
In rejecting AUM's request, Fujiyama said, ''If (a decision is) implemented only when there is real danger that preparations (for indiscriminate mass murder) are to restart, it does not run counter to constitutional guarantees such as freedom of religion.''
"No matter how past instances of indiscriminate mass murder were carried out, it is necessary to deal with them swiftly and appropriately.
There is no mention of mass murders in the Soviet Union, China, Bosnia, et cetera, and, thus, no comparisons.
At the time of his mass murder, he was on the verge of moving to a rich agricultural region of the midwest.
Strict classification is -- perhaps because of its inherent artificiality -- almost always a prime begetter of problems and headaches, and the defining line between mass murder and serial killing does seem occasionally blurred.
The sole survivor, 19-year-old soldier Vladislav Chelakh, was detained on suspicion of mass murder. Later on, court in Kazakhstan sentenced him to life in prison.
This textbook explains aspects of serial and mass murder, covering the definition and theories of multiple murder; motives for serial murder, such as sexual sadism, cults, drugs, and partnerships; the effectiveness of law enforcement approaches; and mass murder trends, patterns, forms, and venues, including family killings, workplace and school massacres, hate-motivated attacks, and public mass shootings, with discussion of the role of firearms and gun laws.
Starting a world war and mass murder is a high price for ending mass unemployment as Trump supporters might be about to find out.
Obama's indifference toward mass murder in Syria all the more striking.
2 ( ANI ): Samajwadi Party (SP) Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Sunday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi presided over the mass murder in the Gujarat riots, and that his dream of becoming the prime minister of the country would never come true.