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Abraham H., U.S. psychologist, 1908-1970. See: Maslow hierarchy.
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Managers such as Nereo Rocco (17), Bela Guttmann (20), Viktor Maslov (23) and Herbert Chapman (24) all feature higher up the list than Paisley.
Nitecki (1970) regarded Mastopora as a synonym of Cyclocrinites (as are Nidulites Salter, Pasceolus Billings, Cerionites Meek & Worthen and Lunulites Owen), but due to the absence of 'covering plates' or 'membrane' and branching of laterals in Mastopora (Eichwald 1840; Maslov 1956; Korde 1963), we consider here Mastopora and Cyclocrinites as separate genera.
** Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov believes that the integration of yet another country into NATO cannot strengthen stability and security in the Balkans.
Alexey Maslov, head of Verkhnebureinsky district where the incident happened, said: "We are trying to find the explanation for this incident.
Russia has nothing against the Prespa agreement as far as the name goes yet it opposes Macedonia's NATO membership, said Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov at a briefing with reporters in Athens regarding Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's visit to Moscow.
"We're extremely happy to welcome Bud onboard, his business intuition and agile intelligence in combination with decades of experience on the US and global markets is a great addition to the team," said Boris Maslov, CEO of iGlass Technology.
Dentre esses metodos, o numero de citacoes proposto por Garfield (1955) e o mais comum para mensurar a importancia de publicacoes cientificas (MASLOV e REDNER, 2008) e juntamente com journal impact factor, tornou-se um indicador estabelecido para avaliar o impacto de artigos publicados em um periodico (YAN e DING, 2010).
Moscow: In the Spasibomania game, participant of Thank You from Sberbank Dmitry Maslov from Izhevsk won 1 million bonuses.
Maslov, Idempotent analysis and Its applications, vol.