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to refer to the Christian community as 'Masihi' instead of 'Esai'.
(3.) For example, Swat Sangrah, published by the Baptist Mission (1861), and Masihi git ki kitab, published by the American Methodist Mission (1866).
Masihi et al [3], where 44.13% of the abusers had started substance abuse at the age of 16 to 20 years.
Yesterday there were Bible readings by the Chinese Christian Church while today sees singing from Coventry's Asian Masihi Church.
Masih Gill, a Christian from the city of Marda, Pakistan, was told by a group of Muslims "Convert or Die." Masih's family is being protected thanks to the Masihi Foundation.
Mohammad bin PH Abdul Rahman, Pengiran 2011 Kemasukan dan Perkembangan Islam di Borneo British dengan Tumpuan Khas ke atas Brunei Darussalam (Abad 13-20 Masihi).
Later, in Jobat, we attend a large celebration commemorating the opening of the Masihi Christian School, also made possible by the WMS.
Masihi, "A physical-based model of permeability/porosity relationship for the rock data of Iran southern carbonate reservoirs," Iranian Journal of Oil & Gas Science and Technology, vol.