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A regional term for a crack cocaine pipe made from plastic rum bottle and a rubber spark plug cover
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The most successful model of the first half is the new Maserati Ghibli, which was launched earlier in the year and received well by customers wanting to realise their dream of owning a Maserati, it said.
But her Maserati was stolen during a recent break-in at her Hollywood Hills home, according to police reports.
The addition of the franchise to the group's three existing sites will create four new jobs and, as a franchised Maserati dealer covering Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and all of South Wales, Arrow Automotive is equipped to deal with all aspects of a customer's Maserati motoring requirements.
According to the firm, the non-binding letter of intent includes provisions for SCUSA to offer a broad range of applicable products and services, including dealer floorplan financing, and consumer retail and lease financing for Maserati vehicles.
Collaborating with Taconic has been such a pleasure, and we are thrilled to open our second Manhattan showroom in the ultimate destination for luxury automobiles," said Stuart Hayim, owner of Maserati of Manhattan.
The flagship of the Maserati product range is larger, lighter, more luxurious and more practical than the globally acclaimed car it replaces.
With its long bonnet, short tail, the cabin set further back than that of the previous generation and the distinctive grille with the dramatic triton symbol of Maserati, it's a car which commands attention wherever you go in it.
He said the company had managed to clinch the deal to sell the cars partly because of its good relationship with the parent company which makes Alfa Romeo and partly because the new branch manager Dax Pearce used to run a Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Manchester.
Inside the four-seater grand tourer, Maserati has upgraded the sporty front seats and fitted a flat-bottomed steering wheel giving more space for the driver.
Maserati says it represents a natural direction to increase its product range and strengthen its presence in the sport luxury market.
Maserati will produce only 300 Gran Trusmo MC Stradeli in 2011.
Stephenson has had one of the most envied careers in the business, having designed the world-famous reincarnation of the Mini for BMW and being appointed the first in-house design chief for Ferrari and Maserati, all before the age of 45.