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A person costumed, often as an oversized animal, who represents a particular sports team or club in promotional events and in other venues

Injuries Fractures, concussions, shoulder separation, contusions, heat-related injuries, chronic low back, knee and ankle pain, and assault by disgruntled and/or inebriated fans
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Mascots must be available to attend the Northern Ireland vs.
He added that the mascots should embody the spirit of dreams, innovation, joy and perseverance and that they should be lively, adorable, and friendly, in such a way that will allow them to make an impact on people of different culture backgrounds, genders and ages.
In the 2015 edition, Equatorial Guinea chose "Chuku Chuku", a porcupine, as the official mascot of the tournament.
MEET 'Barry,' 'Pawi' and 'Debbie.' They are the three mascots representing the flagship species of the protected areas in Cagayan Valley.
They then return to Goodison Park for their traditional mascot roles.
Liverpool mascots are picked at random from the junior fan club and Fulham choose ticket holders from a draw.
Summary: Tokyo [Japan], Jul 23 (ANI): Japan on Sunday unveiled the names of its mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games respectively.
Japanese organizers formally introduced their doe-eyed 2020 Olympic mascots to the world on Sunday, christening them with superhero names that could provide a tongue-twisting challenge to some.
Lions, a leopard, a cockerel, a dog, an armadillo and even an orange have all been the official World Cup mascot over the years and fans are being welcomed to Russia this year by a friendly wolf called Zabivaka.
From animals, to fruits, each FIFA World Cup since 1966 has had its own much-loved mascot.