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Mary, 20th century English cardiologist.
Holt-Oram syndrome - atrial septal defect in association with fingerlike or absent thumb and other deformities of the forearm.
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Pictured from left to right: Unknown, Jack Goddard, Mary Holt, (sitting at the front) Wilfred Barnett, George William Bradley-Stevenson, Wilfred Bradley-Stevenson, unknown, Arthur Bradley-Stevenson.
CARE STAFF: From left, Colin Fahy, Anna Brasier, Mary Holt and Alison Brown
This included craft stalls, a home cooked lunch and a talk by businesswoman Mary Holt who runs Unravel Crafts in Denby Dale.
The property was acquired for $222,000 more than two years ago from Stephen and Mary Holt.
Burial notices record three Marys in the 18th century: Mary Jones who lived to 100, Mary Holt, aged 105 and another Mary Jones, aged 110.
Such forward thinking is typical of the district, according to Mary Holt, IT database manager, who says, "We're the first to agree to pilot programs."
Hannah Laurie Harvey, Mary Claire Harvey, Mary Holt Mock, all of Columbia; and Alexandra Rose Moore, cousin of the groom, of McComb served as program attendants.
"The fashion industry is heavily reliant on chemicals, from the non-organic cotton crops which are sprayed with a quarter of the world's pesticides, to the 8,000 different chemicals used to turn that cotton into a T-shirt," says Mary Holt from the Soil Association.
Best in show garden went to Cancer ResearchUK designed by Stockport's Mary Holt. Its theme is music in the garden and will feature top quality musical quartets from the Halle Orchestra for the show's duration.
She was returning to council-run Northumberland House in Oldham, Greater Manchester - sheltered flats for 60 old people - with fellow resident Mary Holt, 83, when the thug struck.
One such bylaw in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, was challenged and ruled unconstitutional after Mary Holt, owner of eight dogs and "foster mother" to homeless strays, argued the city had imposed the two dog maximum without any evidence showing that multi-dog homes were more dysfunctional, from the point of view of neighbour complaints, than those with only one or two.
THE first time Mary Holt went to India it was as a textile tourist on a tour of the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions famous for their colourful fabrics and needlework.