Martyr Syndrome

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A condition in which a person uses their suffering, self-sacrifice, and role as a victim to manipulate others into psychologically rewarding them for their ongoing misery
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"Most certainly, we will be able to bear our crosses not with a martyr complex but with serenity and peace."
" "The operations were distributed in 20 villages: Aquliya, Aziziyah, Sarud, Tal al-Nur, Halawat, Bir Mahdi, al-Dab al-Kabir area, Tal Aqqad, Khirbat Aziz, Wadi Um Al-Khangar, Turaba, Wadi Khafa, Zab, Ships, Kurdistan Complex, Martyr Complex, Jawala Lower, Dukmat, and Husseiniya.
Is this a man with a martyr complex? "You thought I was Norman Bettison but I had you fooled all along.
If the fascination with martyrs was only exaggerated by Eusebius, and not created by him, then does dismantling his exaggerations rid Christianity of the unhealthy applications of its martyr complex?
This takes away the blame game, the victim mentality, the martyr complex.
He is a vain showman in thrall to his own martyr complex.
When I first started it was kind of like a martyr complex, I thought I was going to do all this giving.
Maybe Tom's exactly the right man for Cherelle because his behaviour allows her to continue wallowing in what's clearly a passive-aggressive martyr complex.
He fears that Quebeckers--federalists as well as sovereigntists--are so caught up in a martyr complex, while the rest of the country is so frustrated with past failures to accommodate Quebec, that we have a false and sterile debate.
Goldstein is vividly glimpsed as both self-destructive and afflicted with a martyr complex. His conflicted impulses are crystallized toward an only son (a nonparticipant here), who's just about to graduate from Yale Law School and is embarrassed by dad's notoriety.
Tommy is just a charismatic politician with a massive ego and a martyr complex.
He never brags, though he has plenty to brag about, and readily admits his many insecurities, including a martyr complex and a drinking problem that sometimes got out of hand--Charlie Chaplin accused him of peeing on his couch, and the friendship never recovered.